I love water and I take a bath every single day, some days twice a day, if it is really cold, sometimes even three!! Water recharges and relaxes me, it kind of resets my system. And this new set of earrings are inspired by the water drops I watch dripping from the crane of my tub, sometimes I colour my bath water pink, blue, green…. They are inspired by the sound of the streams running past my cabin in the forest, the howling of the ocean on a stormy winter night, the beautiful colours that can just magically appear on the water surface, and the joy of skinny dipping.

They are light to wear, gold plated brass with a mix of real and artificial stones, and real and faux pearls. They are hand made in one of the world’s most beautiful and creative cities, Jaipur in India, a city after my heart.


Drops from my Bath tub – 950 NOK


Let´s Dance in the Sea – 950 NOK




Red River Earrings – 950 NOK



I Dream of the Ocean – 950 NOK


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