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  • Wild Collective

    I am so proud and happy to tell you about this WILD  new adventure Miss Mathiesen has taken part in. We have joined forces with six other brands consisting of bad-ass female entrepreneurs, and opened a pop-up shop called Wild Collective, in Oslo, Norway. The shop will stay open at least throughout September, maybe longer. […]

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  • Welcome to the Miss Mathiesen Universe

    In June I had the pleasure of being able to invite a bunch of cool girls to the place where I grew up, at Hovedgården in Eidsvoll Verk, Norway. My 89-year old Farmor lives there now, and it is a place full of family history and beautiful things collected through generations. It was a lot […]

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  • Miss Mathiesen ♥ Camilla Pihl

    It was so much fun having the beautiful girls from Camilla Pihl over to visit me, my flat, my jewellery, my clothes… check out the full story here:    

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  • Farmor ♥ Miss Mathiesen in D2

    It was a very proud day for Miss Mathiesen when my beautiful grandmother and I got featured in the style section of Norwegian D2 Magazine last weekend. I am so lucky to have a grandmother that is so healthy and stylish at the tender age of 89. She has always inspired me when it comes […]

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  • #discotheque

      Welcome to the discotheque, a glamorous collection of earrings designed by Caroline Skjelbred and Miss Mathiesen.      The passion of the groove Generation on the move Joining of the disco tribe Let the music take you high   We wanted to bring a bit of summer and disco glam into the long and […]

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  • Gevir x Miss Mathiesen

    Peace on you in collaboration with Gevir ❤ Miss Mathiesen. The salon Gevir was opened by Agnes Marie Gulbrandsen in 2010. Since then it has positioned itself as a leading and unique company in Norway’s fashion and beauty industry. Miss Mathiesen is a Norwegian jewellery brand, started by Erica Mathiesen in 2015. The jewels have […]

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  • My water babies…..

    I love water and I take a bath every single day, some days twice a day, if it is really cold, sometimes even three!! Water recharges and relaxes me, it kind of resets my system. And this new set of earrings are inspired by the water drops I watch dripping from the crane of my […]

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  • Bird with a Pearl Earring

    Sometimes in life you are lucky enough to meet people that inspire you to do something new. When I met the beautiful girl behind Confettibird, Camilla, it was just meant to be, and we hit it straight off.  She asked me if I wanted to do a small collaboration, and of course I jumped at […]

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  • The ghost of my ancestors……

    I have always been intrigued by the ghosts of my ancestors. I come from a family that goes a long way back, generation upon generation of men that have worked hard and achieved great things.  It is a family full of history, traditions and expectations. It has also always been very male dominated and masculine […]

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