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  • Welcome to the Miss Mathiesen Universe

    In June I had the pleasure of being able to invite a bunch of cool girls to the place where I grew up, at Hovedgården in Eidsvoll Verk, Norway. My 89-year old Farmor lives there now, and it is a place full of family history and beautiful things collected through generations. It was a lot […]

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  • Miss Mathiesen ♥ Camilla Pihl

    It was so much fun having the beautiful girls from Camilla Pihl over to visit me, my flat, my jewellery, my clothes… check out the full story here:    

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  • Bird with a Pearl Earring

    Sometimes in life you are lucky enough to meet people that inspire you to do something new. When I met the beautiful girl behind Confettibird, Camilla, it was just meant to be, and we hit it straight off.  She asked me if I wanted to do a small collaboration, and of course I jumped at […]

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  • The ghost of my ancestors……

    I have always been intrigued by the ghosts of my ancestors. I come from a family that goes a long way back, generation upon generation of men that have worked hard and achieved great things.  It is a family full of history, traditions and expectations. It has also always been very male dominated and masculine […]

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