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Mystery Bride

Miss Mathiesen

Jewellery gives so much joy and I love collecting unique pieces from wherever I can get my hands on them. Jewellery are little pieces of art that express your individuality, and through Miss Mathiesen I want to enable you to express yourself by providing a personal collection of beautiful and unique pieces.This being pieces I have designed myself or collected from around the world on my travels.

In addition to jewellery, Miss Mathiesen has a range of embellished moose and deer skulls. Some of them are over a 100 years old, sourced from my family’s forests in Norway. I found the skulls too beautiful to be lying forgotten, so I have tried to give them new life by decorating them with jewellery and semi-precious stones sourced from all around the world.

Everything offered at Miss Mathiesen is over-the-top and wonderful.
Miss Mathiesen likes to stand out from the crowd, is a bit different and likes to wear something unique that no one else will have.

Miss Mathiesen is created by Erica Mathiesen, and is based between Oslo and London.