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The Age of Aquarius Collection

This particular collection has been a sweet little child of mine for a while. I have studied astrology for four years, and I have learnt to read and analyze, amongst other things, birth horoscopes. I came up with the idea of creating this collection after having incorporated astrology into my personal life, and wanting to create something I could wear that symbolizes this.

Put quite simply, you can say that astrology is the art of being able to read, in which way you as an individual should act to reach your full potential, by analyzing the position of the stars and planets in your chart.

I chose to call the collection Age of Aquarius, because from an astrological point of view, the world is now in the process of entering the Age of Aquarius. What does this mean? An astrological age is a time period spanning around 2000 years, which astrologers claim parallels major changes in the development of Earth’s inhabitants, particularly relating to culture, society, and politics. Now we are entering a time where we should look towards the qualities of Aquarius, which typically is eccentricity, humanitarian developments, spirituality, intuitiveness, being progressive, seeking freedom, being at one with nature, interest in astrology and cosmic consciousness. In this astrological age the difference between the sexes will no longer matter, human rights are more important than what gender you identify with. We will fight for humanity, love and peace on earth. East will meet West and our horizons will expand spiritually. Humanity will be one, our body and soul will be one, and the human will be at one with mother nature. We will increasingly care about the well-being of our planet, and understand more and more how important she, Planet Earth, is for us and our survival. Everything happens fast in this age, technology will continue to make us be able to things we could never even dream of. We will be glued to our screens and everyone will be able to attain the same knowledge. Of course these new technological developments will also bring huge and new problems to us, and we will have to deal with consequences that can sometimes be like they were in a sci-fi movie.  New forms of fanaticism will spread amongst us, and some will abuse their psychic abilities. But in true Aquarius spirit, we will always chose to believe that the good in people conquers all.

So with this new acceptance of spirituality and astrology amongst us I have created this concept, which is that I take the three main components of your personal horoscope and put them together into a bracelet or a necklace. I will read your birth horoscope,  where the three most important aspects is your birth sign, your ascendant and your moon node. I will put these three together in forms of coins that I have designed, with the particular star signs engraved. In order for me to make this for you, you will need to send me your birth date, birth time and birth place. I will personally set up your horoscope, and make the necklace or bracelet according to your specific data. The pieces are handmade by the Norwegian gold smith Silje Mjerskaug. The coins were made by Bugge and Authen Juvelerverksted, and they were cast by Edelmetallstøperiet. So all though out, designed, and hand made with so much LOVE in Norway.

The length of the row of coins are 7,5 cm. The total length of the necklace can be made according to your specifications, and how long you want it. The total length of the pictured necklace is 45 cm.

I hope you enjoy this as much as do.

Peace and love to you all,

Erica / Miss Mathiesen

If you would like your chain or necklace in massive gold or rose gold please get in touch as the prices of gold vary.