The Carrie Pearls

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I got hooked on these pearls watching an episode of Sex & The City back in the days, when Carrie wore this vintage pearl necklace with three strands. The joy was elevated when I found a vintage necklace just like that once in Paris.  Now I have made my own version of it, and named it after one of my style heroes, Carrie.

Locked the necklace measures 22 cm. The three strands of pearls are of different lengths, the shortest one 39 cm. the middle one 41 cm and the longest one 45 cm long. The necklace is 6cm wide at its widest point. It locks with a silver clasp at the back. The pearls are white faux of high quality.

Handmade in India, Jaipur, designed by Miss Mathiesen. Can also be specially ordered with any colour pearls you would like and real pearls should you wish.


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