Gevir x Miss Mathiesen

Peace on you in collaboration with Gevir Miss Mathiesen.

The salon Gevir was opened by Agnes Marie Gulbrandsen in 2010. Since then it has positioned itself as a leading and unique company in Norway’s fashion and beauty industry.

Miss Mathiesen is a Norwegian jewellery brand, started by Erica Mathiesen in 2015. The jewels have put a clear visual mark on the industry, that extends far beyond the sense of the ordinary, as well as the traditional that the market already has to offer.

When Agnes and Erica met, it only took seconds before the ideas were flowing. In spite of their different stylistic esthetic, they share the same creative mentality, hunger and ambition about their work. Gevir and Miss Mathiesen have launched this first collaboration of beautiful hair clips together with the new production company, Peace on you. It is our great pleasure to be able to announce, after a detailed design and production process, that Gevir❤Miss Mathiesen is now available for sale.


Since both girls care so much about charity, and how important it is to help those who help others, they have collaborated with Leger Uten Grenser (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF) to support their work. MSF or Doctors without borders is an impartial and independent medical non-governmental organization best known for its medical work in areas of war, developing countries and epidemics.
Limited edition hair-pieces have been made for Gevir ❤ Leger uten Grenser ❤ Miss Mathiesen, with words like Limitless and Impartial. All the proceeds from these pieces will go directly to this charity.

The collection Gevir❤Miss Mathiesen is the perfect balance between hair accessories and high-end jewellery. Both modern as well as classic, they work just as well in everyday life as for celebrations. Simply summed up- the perfect hair-jewellery.


The hair pieces are available at: and in all Gevir salon locations


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